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What We Offer

  • Advanced Computer Vision and AI technology to detect key in-game stat
  • Personalised player and team statistics tracking
  • Automated VOD reviews and gameplay video management
  • Intuitive platform for team performance reviews
  • Available as desktop and web applications

What Games Will GamerAi Be Available For

GamerAI will be released in beta with full support for DotA 2 and LoL

How Can GamerAI Help You?

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Sniper (from DotA 2) walking and then shooting


Make use of GamerAI's in-depth analysis and reviews to improve your gameplay and surpass your own expectation.


Optimise our competitive training and team practice by assessing automatically generated VOD reviews and in-depth statistics.


Make your life easier by using GamerAI to keep track of player and team training goals as well as reviewing scrims and competitive matches.

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